Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Author : A. M. Saleh, Ahmed

A Simplified Method For Estimating The Peak Load In The Large Cold Stores

Aziz. J. Aziz; Obaid T. Fadhil; Ahmed A. M. Saleh

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2009, Volume 27, Issue 10, Pages 2132-2141

In this paper a simplified method for estimating the peak load in the large cold
stores is found and its occurrence day by utilizing two new variables A & B. The
first variable represents the number of days that is necessary for cooling the
product (storage) up to the needed temperature according to the daily temperature
differences only. The second variable represents the number of days required for
cooling the total product (storage) depending upon the daily storage mass only
without returning back to the details of distribution of the daily thermal load that is
followed in calculating thermal load for cold stores.
By the demonstrative and analysis of the thermal load in cold stores with detailing
study for each effective factors in estimating the thermal load characteristic is
observed that the factors daily temperature differences (D T) and storage mass
(m) per day affect significantly in estimating the peak load values and day of