Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Author : A. Abdulmawjod, Ayman

A Comparative Study Of Roller And Hammer Compacted Asphalt Concrete

Ayman A. Abdulmawjod; Saad Issa Sarsam

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 536-543

In this work, Dense and Gap graded Asphalt Concrete samples were compacted in the
laboratory using two modes, the first one was the traditional Marshall method of hammer
compaction; Cylindrical specimens were constructed using three different Asphalt
percentages; While the second mode was the TRRL roller wheel compaction, slab samples of
(30×30×7) cm were constructed using the same Asphalt percentages, core specimens were
obtained from the slabs. All of the Asphalt Concrete specimens were subjected to Marshall
properties determination, indirect tensile stress test, Hveem stability and cohesion tests. A
comparative analysis of testing results was conducted. It was concluded that Dense graded
Asphalt Concrete shows superior quality when
compared to Gap graded one when roller wheel compaction was adopted. Gap graded Asphalt
Concrete shows higher quality when Marshall Hammer compaction was adopted.