Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Scheduling

Development of Job Scheduling and Machine Loading System in FMS

Zaid Hikmat Yaqoub; Amjad Barzan Abdulghafour

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2012, Volume 30, Issue 7, Pages 1174-1186

Manufacturing industries are rapidly changing from production of scale to production of scope characterized by short product life cycles and increased product varieties. This implies a need to improve the efficiency of job shops while still maintaining their flexibility. These objectives are achieved by Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). The basic aim of FMS is to bring together the productivity of flow lines and the flexibility of job shops, this duality of objectives makes the management of FMS complex. In this research, the loading problem in FMS, which is viewed as selecting a subset of jobs from
the job pool and allocating them among available machines, is considered. The research investigates the number of machine loading approaches, which aim to meet the delivery dates of production orders, and at the same time reduce the manufacturing cost.

Job-Shop Sequencing Real Life Problem With Setup Time

Khallel Ibrahim Mahmoud; Israr Ahmad

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2009, Volume 27, Issue 7, Pages 1287-1300

In this paper, we analyzed the sequencing situations on two machines where the machine
setup time is not independent of processing order.
A real case study of Hadhramout Industrial Company Complex, Mukalla, Yemen is taken
as a model. Data is collected and analyzed using MS-Excel by different methods. The problem
formulation has been presented. Multiple solutions were obtained by applying sequencing
methods. The comparison of different solutions is done to choose the optimal solution. The
time is reduced by 23% to perform the group of jobs and the setup time is reduced 30.5% as
well as the mean flow time is reduced by 30.5%.