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Keywords : Security

Cloud Based Secure Web Application

Saad K. Majeed; Hanaa M. A. Salman; Ahmed Hashim Mohammed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2015, Volume 33, Issue 8, Pages 1549-1560

The types of web attack continue to appear and add their impacts on web application security, SQL injection, and XSS is one type of these attack, that causes extremely high risk for web application through stolen critical information or broken web authentication.
The aim of this paper is to design and implement software as a service for securing web applications from attack which cover two directions, the first direction: propose modern black-box web application vulnerability scanners that diminish the false positive and false negative drawback of the current black-box web application vulnerability scanner, The second proposed subsystem cloud platform as a service web application firewall hosting web application which scan all http requests to deny or accept it according to dummy execution result.
The numbers of vulnerable web applications are selected to evaluate the capability of the proposed system in detect attack and protect vulnerably web application also efficiency has evaluated through measure the server performance when WAF (Web Application Firewall) was disabled and enabled on vulnerably web application and comparison made between these two cases.According to analyzing of the experimental result shows that the proposed system can effectively and efficiently protect web application and discover SQL injection, and XSS vulnerabilities.

Safety and Security as an Urban Challenge in Residential Environment*Al- Saadoon as case study

Sana Sati Abbas; Alhan Faris Ibrahim Darzy

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2014, Volume 32, Issue 3, Pages 118-138

Architects and urban designers face many dilemmas when they designed any
residential complex or a suitable residential environment, and these dilemmas or
problems were represented with a batch of urban challenges that are associated with
the rapid development of the cities and may become obstacle in front of them when
designing and implementing their projects. Some international organizations
including the United Nations, has raised some of these problems and put solutions to
them, while others are still marginal or without radical solutions. Research has
submited the most important challenges in residential environment and categorised
them into three main types, namely, (urban challenges associated with human need,
urban challenges associated with residential environment, and urban challenges at the
urban level). One of the most important challenges that must be taken into
consideration when designing is the chellenge of providing safety and security in
residential environment, where the need of security and safety represents one of the
most basic human needs that provides human tranquility and a sense of stability when
The research problem was that there was no clear vision about the role of spacial
organization to achieve safety and security in residential environment. The research
aims to identify the elements of spacial organization in raising the level of safety and
security in the residential environment, and it based in achieving this goal to
hypothesis, which is spacial organization had role in raising the level of safety and
security in the residential environment through its local and globale characterstics.
The research had identified the impact of special organization charachterstics on
raising the level of safety and security in the residential environment, also it came out
with new items which were not mentioned previously, those are (Visibility), (Visual
Depth) and (Visual Integration) and the impact of those items on the availability of
residential safety and security.
The research had identified the most important variables affecting the human
sense of security and safety, it also concluded that achieving security (which is
psychological) comes through the availability of security (which is materialistic)
resulting from the design and its vocabularies, one of it is the vocabularies of spacial
organization and the synthetic properties of urban structure.

Proposal for Designing of New BIOS Program

Hussein Abdulameer Abdulkadhim; Yousra Ahmed Fadhil; Noor Abdulateef Hassan

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2012, Volume 30, Issue 12, Pages 2058-2066

In this paper, a proposal for designing and implementation of general BIOS program have been done. This program consider as a modified version derived from previous versions with configure and adding a new activities differs from the others BIOS programs such as learning students, help and adjusting components using mouse only (never using the keyboard) in all windows of the implemented program. Also, the program has a flexibility to add any necessary function or activity.

Color Images Hiding Based on Wavelet Based Fusion

Saddam Kamil Alwane

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2011, Volume 29, Issue 15, Pages 3158-3171

At present, information is being communicated and proceeds automatically on a large scale. Hence, the required measures for secure storage and transporting of the information are increased. The protection of the information is necessary to guard economic interests, to prevent fraud, to guarantee the privacy of the citizen, etc.
In this paper, a new steganographic system with high capacity is proposed. The proposed algorithm chooses wavelet transform techniques for embedding to achieve a robust system. The main idea of the proposed system is called the wavelet based fusion. In this method, the wavelet decomposition of the cover image and the secret image are merged into a single result called stego-image.

A New Algorithm for Less Distortion and High Capacity Steganography Model Using Blocks-Based Method

Wathiq L. Abd Ali; Salah Mahdi Saleh

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2010, Volume 28, Issue 13, Pages 2592-2607

Most steganography methods suffer from many problems that effect on
their efficiency and performance. Some of these are the capacity of cover media,
the distortion of cover media, and etc. In this paper we are proposed a new method
to hide audio file (WAV format) in image (BMP format) that overcomes most of
these problems. Also the proposed method aims to meet most the requirements of
any steganography system (like capacity, security and undetectability). It depends
on finding the similarity between the embedded data blocks and others in the
cover-image. It can be used as a powerful tool to get a high capacity data
embedding and a less distortion stego-image, where the PSNR for the stego-image
is large.