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Keywords : Total Suction

Total Suction Measurement of Unsaturated Artificial Gypsified Soil Using the Chilled-Mirror Hygrometer Technique

Qasim A.J. Al-Obaidi; Tom Schanz

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 20, Pages 359-374

Total suction is the sum of the matric and the osmotic suction of the soil. Various methods are used to measure the total suction of the soil. One of the methods is the chilled–mirror hygrometer technique. The chilled-mirror device employs a dew-point procedure, which is one of the most accurate and valuable methods for measuring total suction in the mid- to high- total suction range.
The effect of the percentage of gypsum on the total suction estimation for a gypsum-sand mixture has been investigated rarely in the past. In this paper, the total suction is determined for soil specimens containing different percentages of gypsum additive mixed with Silber sand. The soil specimens were prepared at different initial conditions of density and degree of saturation in order to investigate a wide range of physical soil properties. The test results showed that an incremental increase in the percentage of gypsum and degree of saturation of a soil mixture caused a reduction in the measured value of total suction, while an increase in the initial dry density caused the measured total suction to remain almost unchanged. No constant trend is observed with respect to the effect of the curing time on the measured total suction.

Total and Matric Suction in Unsaturated Soil with the Existence of Different Salts Content

Mohammed Y. Fattah; Asmaa Y. Yahya; Maysam Th. Al-Hadidi; Balqees A. Ahmed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 20, Pages 280-298

Soils located above the groundwater table are generally unsaturated and exhibit negative pore-water pressures. A soil-water characteristic curve (SWCC) that relates the water content of a soil to matric suction is an important relationship for the unsaturated soil mechanics. The SWCC essentially shows the ability of an unsaturated soil to retain water under various matric suctions. The filter paper method is a soil suction measurement technique. Soil suction is one of the most important parameters describing the moisture condition of unsaturated soils. The measurement of soil suction is crucial for applying the theories of the engineering behavior of unsaturated soils.
In this paper, three soil samples were collected from three sites within Baghdad city in Iraq. These soils have different properties and they were prepared at different degrees of saturation. For each sample, the total and matric suction were measured by the filter paper method at different degrees of saturation. The soil samples were mixed with different percentages of Nacl salt. It was concluded that the suction increases with decrease of the degree of saturation. The relationships between the total and matric suction and the filter paper water content are approximately linear and indicate decrease of suction with increase of the filter paper water content. All soil samples exhibit unique linear relationship between the total suction and filter paper water content and matric suction. When salt exists in the soil, there is a noticeable increase in both matric and total suction.