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Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Islamic architecture

Theory Effect on the Formation of General Features for Tradition Architecture (Islamic Architecture as a Model)

Suaad Khaleel Ibraheem; Ahmed Hashim Al-Aukabi; Basim Hasan Al-Majidi

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 11, Pages 2013-2030

The two subjects theory and traditions have been separately taken in general studies which refer to both general and detailed aspects of them, also explain the effect of each on community and multiple cognitive fields including architecture. However, most of these studies did not address clearly the relationship between them or their effect on each other. So this research studies all of the above in details based on the in-depth study of the intellectual aspects of both concepts, and attempts to find the bases of correlation and difference between them and to put forward the recapitulation out of them. This has been shown during the course of this research down to clarify its reflection on one of the architecture models that is the "Islamic Architecture" as an important and clear model which clarifies the correlation between theory and traditions, and its reflection on the production by displaying the urbanism privacy features for Arab-Islamic City and clarify the details of those features. Hence the research problem can be defined as "Lack of clarity of cognitive perception about the impact of theoretical foundations in contemporary architecture on the formation of general features of traditional architecture in general, and particularly on the traditional architecture which is affected by the Islamic architectural features as a model", so the aim the research is to clarify that cognitive perception. While the research hypothesis can be defined as "the effect of the general basis for the theory of contemporary architecture on specific indicators within the general features of traditional architecture, which adopted the characteristics of Islamic architecture as a model, and resulting a developed architectural feature which are in between".

Mecca Sequences" The Ultimate Golden Series

Arshad Alanizi

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 10, Pages 469-486

Cognitively, the denial of reliable scientific Divine resources beyond rationalism and empiricism had stimulate a deep unjustified hostility shown by positivist science curricula against Divine's. This research aims to stimulate architecture to benefit from Divine sources of science and knowledge. The research hypothesis is that by establishing a precise predictive mathematical model through Islamic sources of knowledge, we will prove the superior scientific being beyond rationalism and empiricism, and prove the invalidity of the idea of emptiness outside rationalism and empiricism. The researcher is theorizing for his new architecture, (IRAQITECTURE) which adopts this principle, based on architecture's flexibility to take advantage of the various sources of knowledge.
The researcher discovers: 1. the Ф 2 relation in Mecca; If the distance between Ka'aba and mountain Safa=one, then the distance between the two Mountains of "Safa and Marwa"=Ф2, no matter which parameter was used. Then we had the new ultimate golden series, which I called "Mecca Sequences". 2. The researcher discovers The Only Golden series for the verses of the Holy Qur'an. 3. The researcher discovers that the total of all golden related sequenced numbers of the verses of the Holy Qur'an= total number of the verses multiplied byФ 2. 4. That what made it possible for the researcher to generalize the new mathematical model : Any Number (X) divided on Ф an infinity times, then the total of all golden related sequenced numbers = (X) multiplied byФ 2. 5. Then the researcher discovers the uses of that new equation to build much accurate predictive models. The numbers and percentages minute cannot match arbitrary unless the God who put Ka'aba for people and sent down the Qur'an and creates the golden ratio is one God, there is no god but He.