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Keywords : customer requirements

Practical Application For Designing Quality House (Case Study)

Khalil I. Mahmoud; Zainab K. Hantoosh; Muslih Abdullah

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2010, Volume 28, Issue 16, Pages 5327-5345
DOI: 10.30684/etj.28.16.16

Quality Function Deployment (QFD), as came in definition ,is a
systematic thinking process for product planning that enables businesses to consider the characteristics of product to ensure that products satisfy customer requirements for it is a customer –driven quality management and product development system for achieving higher customer satisfaction . (QFD) has become a widely used tool in the product development process. It helps design teams gather the wants and needs of the customer and organize and utilize this data so that a product which satisfies the customer will be developed. It addresses
dimensions including customer desire, quality characteristics, functions, parts, and failure modes. One of the reasons for the success and acceptance of QFD is that it is a very versatile tool. The traditional matrices and process can be modified in many different ways to fit the needs of the product team. Like any innovation, however, QFD in practice has been implemented with varying degrees of success.
QFD is a system engineering process, which can be applied to large systems. It can be extended to a project functions, project phases, project resource utilization, and other areas such education. QFD utilizes the house of quality (HOQ) as a method of understanding customer requirements, establishing the priorities of design requirements, and product segmentation and positioning. The research presents how to build the house of quality through a real case study.
The aim of this research is emphasis that such techniques should be strongly considered for inclusion in any Total Quality Management effort and specially can be applied to practically any manufacturing or service industry. So we applied the new techniques even in representing the House of Quality matrix by using Auto Cad program. that we consider an electrical motor (1/4 HP) in our case study because of its wide use, especially at summer season in the air coolers, by consulting the specialists from engineers and technicians especially in our field
“Mechanical Engineering” as well as consumers by the huge field study in
industry as well as markets with focusing on some main customer requirements, then comparing our results with other foreign products.
In short the organizations should recognize such tools and techniques in the context of total Quality Management in order to increase the knowledge and personal efficiency. as we concluded in our case study by taking many different variables.