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Keywords : Information Hiding

Secret Technique To Hiding Image After Compression In Cover Image

Ammar Abdul-Amer Rashed; Aymen Dawood Salman; Saddam Kamil Alwane

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2011, Volume 29, Issue 10, Pages 1991-2003

This paper presents a technique for image compression and hiding in image of a high secret has been applied to wavelet transform and wavelet transform packet first apply two dimensional wavelet transform packet on the cover image was analysis and resorting to (Secret Sub bands level) of the cover image has secret algorithm either the image you want to hide has been compressed using two dimensional wavelet transform and then the application (Hard Thresholding) in order to reduce the values of the image and was also re-sorting to the transactions analysis (Secret Sub-band level) of the secret image(compressed image) Through a secret algorithm and then was minimized transaction values of sub bands level of image want to hide, the key used (random generated Key )to hide the secret, and
this system has the property of the secret high in the process of concealment and the distribution of transactions analyzed for the image want to hide After the hit
was so secret key and collected(adding) with the sub band level of the cover image
on the adoption of the proposal are known algorithm with the secret key for both
the sender and the receiver.

Information Hiding Based on Discrete Time Wavelet Transform and Huffman Coding

Ammar Abdul-Amer Rashed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2011, Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 295-304

The approach of This paper presentation a companied technique for hiding
secret messages (text) based on wavelet transform applying in cover image (a gray
level image 8bit) then Huffman encoding is also executed on the secret
messages,to increase the robustness of hiding system by inserting the embedded
secret messages in the low frequency components of the cover image after
applying wavelet transform followed by a sorting process and the coefficients of
secret messages after applying Huffman encoding and using binary to multilevel
to reading the string of message reducing by multiplying in attenuation factor
before adding them with those of the cover image.
The experimental results show that the algorithm has a high capacity and a good
invisibility, Moreover PSNR of stego image shows the better results the PSNR
above 40 dB, the proposal system was activated according to attacker noise is
addition and JPEG compression application are used with out detection the secret

A New Algorithm for Less Distortion and High Capacity Steganography Model Using Blocks-Based Method

Wathiq L. Abd Ali; Salah Mahdi Saleh

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2010, Volume 28, Issue 13, Pages 2592-2607

Most steganography methods suffer from many problems that effect on
their efficiency and performance. Some of these are the capacity of cover media,
the distortion of cover media, and etc. In this paper we are proposed a new method
to hide audio file (WAV format) in image (BMP format) that overcomes most of
these problems. Also the proposed method aims to meet most the requirements of
any steganography system (like capacity, security and undetectability). It depends
on finding the similarity between the embedded data blocks and others in the
cover-image. It can be used as a powerful tool to get a high capacity data
embedding and a less distortion stego-image, where the PSNR for the stego-image
is large.