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Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Carbon Fiber

Mechanical and Physical Properties of Nano Carbon Tube with Carbon Fiber Reinforced with Polyester Resin

M. Subhi; E. S. AL-Hassani; A.B. Abdul-Hussein

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2017, Volume 35, Issue 5, Pages 465-472

In this research, study some physical and mechanical properties of polymernano composites. The polymernano composites based on unsaturated polyester resin reinforced with carbon fibers (C.F). The samples are attended by hand lay – up method. The samples constituent were polyester resin as matrix with 3% volume fraction from carbon fiber and (0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2 %( volume fractions of carbon nanotube. The water absorption, hardness (shore D), flexural test, impact test and toughness fracture properties are studied. Results showed that water absorption increase with addition 3% volume fraction of carbon fiber and Carbon Nanotube, the sample (polyester+3%C.F+0.5% CNTs) has lower water absorption than other samples. The hardness (shore D), flexural test, impact testand toughness fracture for the sample (polyester+3%C.F+0.5% CNTs) has higher value for Nano- composites.

Effect of Al2O3 Powder on Some Mechanical and Physical Properties for Unsaturated Polyester Resin Hybrid Composites Materials Reinforced by Carbon and Glass Fibers

Reem Alaa Mohammed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 12, Pages 2371-2379

This research is a study of the effect of Al2O3 powder on physical and mechanical properties of the polymer hybrid composites based on unsaturated polyester resin reinforced with carbon and glass fibers. The samples were made by a hand lay-up method according to ASTM standard for various volume fractions of additives. The polymer composites materials reinforced with carbon and glass fibers are the most used in manufacture of components such as pip, part of aerospace, and leisure industries and automotive.The polyester resin matrixwas strengthened with 3% carbon and glass fibers with 1%, 3%, 5%, 7% Al2O3 powders. The water absorption, hardness (shore D), impact test, and flexural strength properties are studied. The results show the specimens (UP+3%C.F+7%Al2O3) and(UP+3%G.F+7%Al2O3) had the maximum hardness (shore D) and water absorptionwhen compared withunfilledpolyester resinspecimen, it can be observed that the specimens(UP+3%C.F+5%Al2O3) and (UP+3%G.F+5%Al2O3) have maximum impact strength and flexural strengthcompared with specimens (UP+3%C.F+7%Al2O3)and (UP+3%G.F+7%Al2O3) .

Strengthening of Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams by Cfrp Laminates

Sabih Z. Al-Sarraf; Hisham Al-Hassani; Ali S. Al-Jebouri

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 330-344

Experimental investigations of the behavior of reinforced concrete three-span continuous beams with 1200 mm length for each span, with cross-section 120 mm width and 180 mm depth strengthened by CFRP in flexure case of beams have been presented. The experimental program consisted of nine RC beams, which were strengthened at some locations with CFRP laminates and carefully designed to fail in flexure. The results show that the use of external CFRP laminate connected to the beams could enhance the ultimate flexural load capacity up to 102.88%.