Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : rapid thermal oxidation

High Quantum Efficiency of (Au/n-SnO2/p-PSi/c-Si/Al) solar cell after annealing of Nd:YAG laser

Firas Sabeeh Mohammed; Ban Rashid Ali; Bahaa Jawad Alwan; Zahra Sabah Rashid

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2015, Volume 33, Issue 5, Pages 856-866

Transparent and conducting SnO2 thin film has been produced on (quartz and porous silicon) substrates using rapid photothermal oxidation of pure Sn in air at 600 oC oxidation temperature and different oxidation time. The structural properties and scan electron microscope of the prepared films were studied. The photovoltage properties of a Au/n-SnO2/p-PSi/c-Si solar cell are investigated under irradiation of Nd:YAG laser pulses. The porous Si layer is synthesized on a single crystalline p-type Si using electrochemical etching in aqueous hydrofluoric acid at a current density of 25 mA/cm2 for a 30-min etching time. The structure of the porous layer is investigated using scan electron microscope. The photovoltage properties are found to be dependent on the laser fluencies.

Physical Properties of MOS Porous Silicon Detector Fabricated under RTO Method

Narges Z. Abdulzahra; Wafaa K. Khalaf; Alwan M. Alwan

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2009, Volume 27, Issue 11, Pages 2286-2291

In this research we studying the sensitivity of a porous silicon photo detector, we
found it improved through rapid thermal oxidation processes. Under our optimum
preparation conditions, photocurrent can reach about 3408 μA (under power density 100
mW/cm2 tungsten lamp illumination) and dark current is about 300μA
(at reverse bias of 5V).