Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Black Hole Optimization

Optimal H-infinity PID Model Reference Controller Design for Roll Control of a Tail-Sitter VTOL UAV

Ali H. Mhmood; Hazem I. Ali

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2021, Volume 39, Issue 4A, Pages 552-564
DOI: 10.30684/etj.v39i4A.1861

In this work, an optimal and robust controller based on consolidating the PID controller and H-infinity approach with the model reference control is proposed. The proposed controller is intended to accomplish a satisfactory transient response by including the reference model. A Tail-Sitter VTOL UAV system is used to show the effectiveness of the proposed controller. A dynamic model of the system is formulated using Euler method. To optimize the design procedure, the Black Hole Optimization (BHO) method is used as a new Calibration method. The deviation between the reference model output and system output will be minimized to obtain the required specifications. The results indicate that the proposed controller is very powerful in compensating the system parameters variations and in forcing the system output to asymptotically track the output of the reference model.