Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : software cycle

Instructional Design for Engineering System Based Software Cycle Methodology (IDSCM)

Iman S. Kareem

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2019, Volume 37, Issue 4C, Pages 418-426
DOI: 10.30684/etj.37.4C.6

An instructional program has been prepared depending on instructional design concepts to present concepts and information of an engineering system. The design and construction of an instructional program have done by using analysis design implementation and evaluation (ADDIE) instructional model. It is used for simulation the designing of engineering system using modern and intelligent controller technique. The simulation design was dependent on new methodology is named software cycle method. To achieve the aims from the program a questionnaire is prepared to evaluate the program by a number of experts and beneficiary groups. The result of the questionnaire is used as a feedback process. A development is done to achieve the link between two different techniques. Designing instructional program under windows to be used by designer engineers and students may help to learn the design steps for modern technique and intelligent technique.