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Keywords : Gough

Evaluation of Friction Forces in the Joints of Gough-Stewart Manipulator

Hassan M. Alwan; Sameh Fareed Hasan

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 6, Pages 1221-1234

Many of researchers neglected the effect of friction phenomena in the robotics analysis and the others investigated and studied the behavior of friction phenomena in robot joints with one type of friction. The aims of this paper is to account and investigate the friction forces in all the joints of Gough-Stewart manipulator taking into consideration two types of friction(i.e. viscous and coulomb friction) . A mathematical model is derived to evaluate the reaction forces developed in robot joints due to movement of robot. Computer codes are written using MATLAB software to solve the equations derived to simulate the friction force in the joints.

The Geometrical Analysis Accuracy for Parallel Robotic Mechanisms

Hassan M. Alwan

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2011, Volume 29, Issue 15, Pages 3118-3129

The geometrical analysis of the robotic mechanisms means the formulation of the position equation of the mechanism in terms of dependent and independent coordinates. This function should describe the position of its links and the end effecter (or moving platform center) in terms of dependent and independent coordinates.In this paper will be derived a mathematical model, that is, a model in terms of
dependent and independent generalized coordinates, for the position accuracy of the end effecter (platform) of the closed kinematics robotic mechanisms. In these types of mechanisms it is necessary to solve the inverse problem of the geometrical analysis. The
solving of the inverse problem in the robotic systems means the definition of independent coordinates on preset values and evaluation of the dependent coordinates with several degrees of mobility.
The aim of this paper is to obtain a new mathematical formulation for evaluation of the deviation of the end effecter position due to the deviation of the independent coordinates. It will be evaluated only the deformations of the arms caused by the weights and the forces.

Dynamic Analysis of Gough-Stewart Platform Manipulator

Muhsin N. Hamza; Hassan M. Alwan

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2010, Volume 28, Issue 16, Pages 5246-5255

A novel derivation to evaluate all the controlled forces which cause by the motors and effected along the prismatic joints on the legs of the Gough-Stewart platform manipulator based on the virtual work method is proposed in this paper. In this paper the manipulator can be considered as a multibody mechanism with rigid elements. It can be assumed that the manipulator motion was known. The aim of the dynamic analysis in this paper is to evaluate all the controlled forces which necessary to implement the manipulator programming motion