Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Graduation Projects

Rules for Managing Methods of Implementation and Evaluation of Graduation Projects in Engineering Departments

Fatimah H. Naser; Maryam H. Naser

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2019, Volume 37, Issue 4C, Pages 465-474
DOI: 10.30684/etj.37.4C.15

Graduation projects are the final product of what university students have acquired from the sciences and knowledge during their academic period of study during the academic years, which range in most Iraqi universities between 4 to 5 years in engineering colleges. In the last year during which the student to implement the engineering graduation project, which begins by choosing the subject or problem that will be dealt with as a research title and ends with the development of all stages of implementation. And the importance of graduation projects for students of engineering departments to study the bachelor's degree and the role it plays in participating effectively to achieve the goals of development and development of Iraq during this period, which suffers from many problems and most important infrastructure and urban planning, Based on the importance of these projects and the need to guide them to solve the real problems in the Iraqi society in government departments and institutions and the private and private sector, this study has been prepared to include the rules of management of the methods of implementing graduation projects in the engineering departments and assess their relevance to the objectives of development plans and advancement of Iraq, to benefit from the results of those projects. The methodology of this study was based on the collection, analysis and discussion of the information on academic and office methods and linking them to the opinions of the applied engineers in the field of work, in addition to many experiences and studies of neighboring countries and countries  of  the  world  from  previous  literature,  which  included  articles,research  and  scientific  reports  as  well  as  a  questionnaire  to  collect  the  most important proposals for preparing And the development of administrative rules at  the  academic  and  practical  levels  to  ensure  successful  implementation  and evaluation to achievethe desired results.During this research, a detailed list of the method of implementation of the project from the beginning of the selection of  the  address  until  the  final  delivery  and  completion  of  the  requirements  and included  the  study  forms  in  all  aspects  of  implementation  and  the  writing system in all its details.In terms of evaluation of graduation projects,  there is no  fixed  standards  for  all  departments  in  engineering  colleges  as  well  as  the division of the degree of the project, but depends on the opinion of the scientific committee and the project committee ineach section in the way of evaluation of the  graduation  project  and  division  of  degree  between  the  supervisor  and  the discussion committee. In the previous research, standard and standard criteria for evaluation were established by the supervisor and the discussion committee, which ensures the right of the student to obtain the degree that he deserves and which should be circulated to all departments in all faculties in Iraq.