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Keywords : quality

Analytical Study of Affecting Gasoline Quality Properties on Environment and Its Conformity with Specifications

Dhuha K. Ismayyir; Lamyaa M. Dawood

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2021, Volume 39, Issue 2A, Pages 306-315
DOI: 10.30684/etj.v39i2A.1745

Gasoline is an important fuel in human life, but it is also responsible for deteriorating Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) through fugitive and exhaust emissions. In this study, chemical properties (Sulfur and Lead content) of gasoline production at Al-Daura refinery were verify based on a statistical quality control tool. Gasoline samples were examined in January/2011 and compared with samples examined in January/2019. In this study, it was concluded that the average production process and process variability for Sulfur content and added Lead value are stable. In January/2011 Sulfur content conforms to Iraqi and European standard specifications, but Lead value doesn’t conform to Iraqi standards, where internationally the use of lead to enhance engine performance has been banned since the 1970s of a century ago because it’s large dangerous on the environment. In January/2019 Sulfur content conforms to Iraqi standards but doesn’t conform to European standards specifications. The addition of lead to gasoline is stopped in 2016; imported gasoline was used by blend it with produced gasoline at al Daura refinery to raise its quality. Gasoline quality properties must be improved and tighten up according to international standards to save our environment.

Comparative Study of Specifications Between Local and Imported Water Pumps and an Energy-Efficient Local Developed Pump

Maryam K. Abdul Wahid; Lamyaa M. Dawood

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2020, Volume 38, Issue 10A, Pages 1511-1521
DOI: 10.30684/etj.v38i10A.1317

Conserving energy is one of those important requirements of the environment. In this research, an eco-friendly power saving Water pump [Air coolers] is developed. This development is based on GQFD. The model of this developed Water pump is drawn by a CAD solid model (version 7, Autodesk AutoCAD 2011). The electrical motor is responsible for the rotation of the pillar and further distributes Water inside the Air cooler [regardless of the size]. In the developed model motor is canceled where the rotation is throughout attachment to the Air cooler. A further prototype of this model is made were common and environmental quality requirements are assessed so as to verify the feasibility of the developed Water pumps. Results show that the power saving (developed) Water pump is of better-quality characteristics relative to available Water pumps available in the Iraqi market and higher head (1.60 m), Velocity in RPM (4600), and flow rate (8.6 L/sec). Also, the developed Water pump is of less noise, a number of parts, pollution, and is safer [regarding environmental requirements]. Due to the development results show save in voltage and current.

The Relationship between Quality, Benchmarking, Reliability and Globalization In Industrial Engineering Activity

Saleh J. Fendi

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2012, Volume 30, Issue 17, Pages 3065-3081

The study is perhaps the first to evaluate and establish the relationship between
Quality, benchmarking, Reliability and globalization in industrial engineering activity
in Emirates, where the study was conducted on international companies operating in
Dubai. The study seeks to understand the impact & effect of globalization on all the
various topic of industrial engineering that distinguish implementing quality
management program, reliability program and ISO certified and benchmarking
companies from none implemented benchmarking or quality, reliability, ISO program.
Also the study tries to evaluate the effect of these factors on the organizational
performance. The study found a number of significant relationships between the
reliability, and globalization in industrial engineering activity. It also found support for
the argument that high reliability, high quality and benchmarking practices will
improve industrial engineering and at the end result will improve overall organizational
performance in large, medium and small global businesses. Therefore the results
achieve the goals of industrial engineering to eliminate wastes of time, cost, materials,
energy, and other resources to increase profits.

Measurement of Encryption Quality of Bitmap Images with RC6, and two modified version Block Cipher

Baedaa H. Helal; Ashwaq T. Hashim

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2010, Volume 28, Issue 17, Pages 5603-5613

With the fast evolution of digital data exchange, security information
becomes much important in data storage and transmission. Due to the increasing
use of images in industrial process, it is essential to protect the confidential image
data from unauthorized access. In this paper, RC6 with two modified version 512
bit RC6 and 640 bit RC6-Cascade encryption algorithms will be analyzed to
investigate the encryption efficiency for them to digital images and providing a
new mathematical measure for encryption efficiency. Detailed results in terms of
security analysis and implementation are given. Comparative study with three
versions of RC6 encryption algorithms is shown the superiority of the modified
algorithms. Three measuring quality factors will be considered to evaluate and
compare between the three encryption algorithms RC6, 512 RC6, and 640 RC6-
Cascaded. These measuring factors are the maximum deviation, the correlation
coefficient and irregular deviation.