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Keywords : vehicles

Simuation Study of the Factors Effect on the Directional Controllability of Vehicles

Ahmed N. Al-khazraji

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2009, Volume 27, Issue 3, Pages 592-599

This paper present the result of the work carried out the mathematical model of two
degree of freedom movement study the influence of cornering stiffness of tires, the
distance from the position of the center of gravity to front and rear axel and mass of
Theoretical calculations have been carried out the vehicle have known mass and the
position of the center of gravity.
Results show that for the state which is the front tires are bias ply tires and the rear tires
are radial ply tires is the best because the state gives under steer behavior. Also the state
will be the center of gravity nearest from the front axel gives the same behavior and also
owing to the existence of center of gravity being nearest to the front axle.