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Keywords : Polymer processing

Optimizing the Conditions for the PVC Playing- Balls Fabrication

Suhair Mohammad Yaseen; Ali Najem Abdullah

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2011, Volume 29, Issue 11, Pages 2274-2281

Although PVC polymer is one of the cheapest plastics that are widely used in industry. The conditions of PVC processing industries are still industrially and commercially confidential and uncovering it is still industrially and commercially confidential and uncovering it is not easy. This work aims to make processing conditions available to whom interest. This has been achieved by studying the parameters associated with production process and determine the optimum conditions which are necessary to get best quality and more economical product. These parameters are included:
1- Mixing equal quantities of both rigid and flexible PVC will give
requiredhardness for product with degree of polymerization 600-700.
2- Addition of 3% stabilizer (tribasic lead sulfate) works on raising temp. Of process to 250 centigrade without polymer burning or dissociation.
3- Addition of 55% plasticizer (dioctyl phthalate) to polymer (melting point of polymer Tm = 90-100 centigrade and glass transition temp. Tg = 170 Co) decreases Tg below room temp. 20-25Co .As a result of this work, product has enough strength and good flexibility to charge with required volume of air.
4- Coloring of product by 2% Titanium oxide to give bright white color.
Oven temp. Is 150-180 Co.