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Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Microcontroller

Performance evaluation of Photovoltaic Panels by a Proposed Automated System Based on Microcontrollers

Mustafa Q. Ali; Monaf S. Tapoub; Hayder A. Dhahadc

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2021, Volume 39, Issue 1A, Pages 9-21
DOI: 10.30684/etj.v39i1A.1634

In this paper, an automated test setup for PV panels using LabVIEW and several microcontrollers (μCs) based embedded systems has been designed, tested, and implemented. This PV testing system has been characterized as fully automated and the only human intervention required is to install the PV panel and to set the required testing conditions. Several PV panels were evaluated and tested, the obtained results showed a high degree of accuracy and conformity with several testing schemes that have been carried out numerically, manually and manufacturer specifications. The designed system is characterized by a high-performance standard with accuracy, precision, and resolution (9 mV / 1.8 mA) that is good enough to test any PV panel of 12 V and 24 V rating. This system can test and calculate the maximum power point for any PV panel operating at any given working condition by applying different amounts of solar irradiance from 0 W/m2 to 1000 W/m2 to simulate the amount of solar irradiation at any time and everywhere on earth. This system also mimics the environment temperature by providing ambient temperature ranged from 0 °C to 50 °C to simulate the variation of weather around the year.

Smart Hunting Cage for Predatory Animals and Moving Bait for Zoology Researches

Mohammed Ehsan Safi

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 2, Pages 386-392
DOI: 10.30684/etj.2016.112638

This paper presented an approach to design and implement a control scheme for hunting cages of predatory animals without hurting for scientific researchers or animals. In this paper, laser detection circuit is applied to detect target entering the cage and send signal to microcontroller to lock the two gates of the cage then send signal to alarm user. The bait is used to lure the target mounted on moving robot using ultrasonic sensor to determine the distance between the target and the bait and made it go in the cage.

Detection of Failures in Alternator of Diesel Generator Based on theMicrocontroller Technique

Sadiq Kamel Gharkan

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 3, Pages 525-540
DOI: 10.30684/etj.31.3A.10

The goal of the present paper is to design and build electronic protection unit for detection of failures in alternator of diesel generator because of the many technical problems and failures or abnormal operating conditions that accompany the work of the generators when it used as a substitute for electrical energy, especially in long working hours.
Some of these problems and failures: increasing the temperature of the stator coils, loss of excitation, over/under frequency, over/under voltage and phase failure.
When any problem occur the proposal protection unit will be displayed the type of error or problem on liquid crystal display (LCD) as well as gives us an audio alarm and also shuts down the generator in critical situations.
The design was adopted mainly on microcontroller PIC16F877A, this design is characterized by low cost, uncomplicated, very high response and flexible to change software in case you need to add another failures without changing hardware if compared with the current protection unit in the original generators.

Design and Implementation of Microcontroller Based Portable Drug Delivery System

Mohammed Sabah Jarjees

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2011, Volume 29, Issue 12, Pages 2580-2588
DOI: 10.30684/ etj.29.12.16

Portable drug delivery system or portable syringe pump system is a small infusion pump used to gradually deliver drugs, at low doses and at a constant or controllable rate of drug to a patient who needs to take a drug dose regularly in specific periods all the day. The aim of this research is to design and perform a prototype of a portable drug delivery system controlled by micro controller. The micro controller will control the dose of liquid or medication which will be given to the patient and the time of repetition of the dose. The dose rate will be adjusted by controlling the operation of stepper motor which will drive the syringe pump through fine mechanism set.

Microcontroller-Based Sun Path Tracking System

Nasir Ahmed Filfil; Deia Halboot Mohussen; Khamis A. Zidan

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2011, Volume 29, Issue 7, Pages 1345-1359
DOI: 10.30684/ etj.29.7.9

The objective of this paper is to design and construct a solar tracking system
based on a microcontroller. The system design depends on some mathematical
equations to send three signals to drive circuit to change the position of the solar
cell by changing the polarity of two motors. These mathematical equations are used
to compute the solar height angle (elevation) and the solar horizon angle (azimuth),
whereas the usage of the fixed solar cells does not accomplish the desired object,
that means the use of fixed solar cells does not grant a suitable output during a day
and a season, where the sun position differs at the morning to the noon and at the
setting of the sun, this is due to the spherical shape of Earth and to its rotation
around the sun.
The solar cell is controlled vertically and horizontally at period equal to one
hour, whereas the stored data that denote of the sun position is computed each hour
from the sunrise to the sunset, the amount of the stored data is different from a day
to another, this variation is produced by the difference of day length during the
year, whereas the amount of computed data at the summer is more than the amount
of computed data at the winter. The microcontrollers vouch for processing the data
and issue the commands to actuators to change the orientation of the solar cell. All
obtained results are very acceptable, when the system has tested in certain days. By
using the microcontroller, the project efficiency is improved, and the cost of
hardware is reduced.