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Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Fuzzy Logic Controller

Controlling for Boiler in Thermal Power Plants by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

H.S. Anead; K.F. Sultan; M.S. Abdl Ghafoor

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2017, Volume 35, Issue 7, Pages 717-724

Presently used modern techniques to control instead of the traditional control techniques for many industrial applications virtually or theoretically. In this research, a Fuzzy logic has been applied to control the important variables of steam generator in AL Dura station in Baghdad that generate (160 MW). These controlled variables are pressure, temperature ,air fuel ratio ,lower water level, flame and gas . Fuzzy requires a data, which obtained from actual power plant. This work explains the control on two stages during operation boiler and after operation boiler in order to make a right decision if any faults occurred during these stages at limit conditions based on fuzzy system. It was used simulation of Fuzzy system in MATLAB program. The results showed that the adoption of control technique that based on Fuzzy logic have a high response to indicate the control signals and thus can be depended as an active control system for selecting a right decisions compared with traditional systems. The adoption of fuzzy logic in control system gave the ability to take on decision for control signals with a high stability compared with traditional methods. The fuzzy system contributed in giving prophesies for station case to tell the operator what to do therefore enhancement the performance of station through to take a right decision to avoid stopping. The adoption of mfs in term (trapezoidal) showed a big corresponds with the proposed system and that is through a rapid response. The enhancement of efficiency was 10% when using fuzzy system. The accuracy of fuzzy in control was 0.99 that gave the ability to take on decision for control signals with a high stability compared with traditional methods.

Multi-Stages for Tuning Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) Using Genetic Algorithm (GA)

Ammar G. Samir

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 6, Pages 1166-1181

In this paper, a study on tuning of fuzzy logic controller (FLC) using genetic algorithm (GA) for controlling an armature controlled DC motor as an example of linear plant and for controlling nonlinear plant as another example is performed. There are different ways in which a FLC can be tuned, like: tuning the scaling gains, Rule Base (RB), and Data Base (DB) represented by type of membership functions or parameters of membership functions used. The tuning process in this paper includes a multi-stage tuning represented by searching the good scaling gains, RB, and DB then a combination of multi-stage (CMS) tuning methods using Genetic Algorithm (GA) based on a fitness function that is defined in terms of performance criterion (Integral of Squared Error ISE). The performances of these tuning stages are evaluated and a comparison between them has been introduced using linear and nonlinear plants.