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Keywords : Simulation

Analysis and Simulation of Unmanned Aircraft Propeller Motor Using PSIM

Ahmed S. Yousif; Ammar S. Mohammed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2018, Volume 36, Issue 10A, Pages 1081-1090
DOI: 10.30684/etj.36.10A.9

The study and simulation of a PI speed controller for small UAV or quadcopter motor is discussed in this research. The motor under consideration is MAXON 2260 215, which is a brushless DC motor that has permanent magnets on the rotating part and the stationary windings are connected so that the back electromotive force is trapezoidal. The motor utilizes a PI controller, which dominate the duty cycle of the PWM pulses applied on the switches of the inverter so that the motor can run at the required speed. A Chopper is used as a power converter and a proportional–integral as speed and current controller. The DC motor, which is being run individually, can be controlled on a wide range of operation up to the rated speed. The simulation is implemented and evaluated using PSIM software program under a wide range of speed, voltage and load torque inputs such as the rated speed and load torque, half the rated load torque and half speed since these tests are vital to test maneuver movement such as roll, pitch, yaw and throttle. The main objectives of this paper are; to understand the process of deriving the model for a propeller motor, to evaluate the stability and accuracy of the control loop for successful aviation, to apply a tuning plan on a closed loop system (PI) and to check the system procedure versus the given technical specifications.

Intersection Analysis by aaSIDRA Software for Computer Simulation to Optimize the Traffic Flow

Ali Ahmed Mohammed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 4, Pages 774-792

Computer simulation is important for the analysis of freeways and urban streets systems. Through simulation, Transportation specialists can study the formation and dissipation of congestion on roadways. The Roundabout (Bandar Baru Bangi) and intersection The National University of Malaysia (UKM) are two major causes that have a significant effect on travel time, delay, level of service, stop and degree of saturation. The aim of this paper is to analysation and rationalization the traffic flow of the intersection and roundabout to provide useful information for engineers to design the roads with the shortest travel time and reducing the congestion in roundabout and intersection.
The data required for the study were mainly collected through video filming technique .Also the calculation and assessment are constructed with the aaSIDRA software.

Simulation of Multilayer Layer Antireflection Coating for Visible and Near IR Region on Silicon Substrate Using Matlab Program

Khaled Z.yahya; Jehan Admon Saimon; Hiba S. Tarik

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2012, Volume 30, Issue 14, Pages 2493-2506

In this work , double layer and three antireflection coating were designed and
simulated , optical reflection values were deduced with a matrix formulation via a
personal computer using matlab program, six materials has been selected to investigated
of the reflection as function of wavelength in visible region and near IR between (400-
1200nm) on silicon substrate and central wavelength at 900nm the result show double
layer quarter-quarter wave optical thickness has good preference antireflection has been
reduced reflection from 32% for silicon surface to 3% and for three layer coatings , the
results obtained broadband antireflection spectra and several form antireflection that
have zero reflection in double and three layer antireflection coating . The refractive
index and the optical thickness of each layer are adjusting to optimum antireflection
coatings on silicon solar cells .

Simulation of Aircraft Control Using Bond Graph Techniques and Matlab/Simulink Software

Usama Staar Kazem; Assim Hameed Yousif

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2010, Volume 28, Issue 13, Pages 2622-2637

to develop the nonlinear transformer that is required for particular
implementation of a complex aircraft control system. Aircraft longitudinal and lateral
motions are presented by studying and analyzing the aircraft dynamics. The equations
of motion are covered both forces and moments exerted on the aircraft using Newton's
second law with the assumption that at each equation the aircraft is regarded as a rigid
body. Six equations were classified, three equations for the longitudinal motion and
three equations for the lateral motion. The matrix for the differential equations
vectors for each force and moment were found with the aid of the computer aided
modern bond graph program (CAMP-G) including symbolic manipulation.
MATLAB/SIMULINK offered additional simulation capability.

Simuation Study of the Factors Effect on the Directional Controllability of Vehicles

Ahmed N. Al-khazraji

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2009, Volume 27, Issue 3, Pages 592-599

This paper present the result of the work carried out the mathematical model of two
degree of freedom movement study the influence of cornering stiffness of tires, the
distance from the position of the center of gravity to front and rear axel and mass of
Theoretical calculations have been carried out the vehicle have known mass and the
position of the center of gravity.
Results show that for the state which is the front tires are bias ply tires and the rear tires
are radial ply tires is the best because the state gives under steer behavior. Also the state
will be the center of gravity nearest from the front axel gives the same behavior and also
owing to the existence of center of gravity being nearest to the front axle.