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Keywords : Wet process

Cement Kilns Dust Management In Iraq

Adnan A. Al-Samawi; Mohammed Ali I. Al-Hashimi; Sabah Obaid Hamad Al-Shadeed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2010, Volume 28, Issue 6, Pages 1073-1093

Hundred thousands tons of cement kiln dust (CKD) as well as other emissions
are generated annually from existing cement plants in Iraq with significant
economic and environmental impacts. Therefore, an environmental sector plan
should be adopted to scrub the emissions and sound management of CKD waste
leading to save resources and secure better environmental quality are called for.
A survey was conducted and carried out covering all cement plants. Analysis of
data collected has shown that the production capacity was significantly decreased
to about 38 % on the average of the designed capacity. The consumption of raw
materials and fuel per unit production was increased by about 13 % and 23 %,
respectively. The amount of generated CKD is found to be variable among the
different cement plants. It can be estimated that the generated CKD on the average
is about (8-33) % of the production output depending on the conditions of each
This study serves to establish a factual basis to develop a convenient
environmental management plan for the cement industry sector. This study
proposes an environmental mitigation and monitoring plan to address the
environmental and social challenges to improve the environmental performance of
Iraqi cement industry sector.