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Keywords : Water balance

Computation of Climatic Water Balance of AL-Sulaymania Meteorological Station for the Period 1980-2016, Kurdistan Region, Northeast of Iraq

Muayad M. Ismail; Faaeza A. Abd-Ulkareem; Tariq Abed Hussain

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2021, Volume 39, Issue 12, Pages 1952-1959
DOI: 10.30684/etj.v39i12.1553

AL-Sulaymania city is located in the northeast of Iraq at an altitude of 845 m from the sea levelbetween longitudes (44 30 00 – 46 20 00) east and latitudes (34 33 00- 36 30 00) north. It covers an area of approximately 20000 km2. The study area includes several geological formations (from the oldest to the earliest), Balambo Formation (Early Cretaceous), Qumchuqa, Kometan, Shiranish, Tanjero, Kolosh, Sinjar Formation and Quaternary deposits. The climatic data recorded by AL-Sulaymania meteorological station for the period (1980-2016) shows that the total falling rain was (423.86) mm, the temperature was (13.88 ° C), relative humidity was (22.36%), wind speed was (2.08m / s), sunshine was (8.06  hours / day), and the total evaporation from free surfaces was (1747.4mm). The climate of the study area is wet in winter and dry in summer.Corrected potentialevapotranspiration was calculatedtheoretically byapplying Thornthwaite method, where the value was 589.02mm, the water surplus was also calculated, which accounted for 74.24% divided  into surface runoffand its value was 41.02 mmand GroundwaterRecharge which was 92.65mm,whilethewater deficit represents25.76 % of theannualrainfall.

Methodology for Water Balance in Hemren Reservoir

Mustafa Majeed Al-Mukhtar

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2010, Volume 28, Issue 22, Pages 6506-6517

The water balance is considered as an important subject in the present time which has a great role in estimation of the quantity of water entering a dam. In this paper approach to estimate the water balance in Hemren dam, an equation has been found to calculate the discharge entering to Hemren dam through relate the variables (Qout from Derbendi-Khan, Qin to Hemren reservoir and rainfall intensity falling on the intermediate catchment area between Hemren-Derbendi- Khan dams) by using the regression analysis. The data were collected for the
interval from 1980 to 2004. The equation gives a correlation oefficient 0.956 for the relation between the observed and calculated discharges.