Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Volume fraction

A Study of Mechanical Properties of Polymethl Methacrylate Polymer Reinforced by Silica Particles (Sio2)

Jawad Kadhim Oleiwi; Farhad Mohammad O.Kushnaw; Israa Faisal qhaze

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 15, Pages 2925-2940

In this research the mechanical properties of PMMA polymer reinforced by
ceramic particles (silica) has been investigated. Many tests are performed on these
composites. The effects of the particles size and volume fraction on the mechanical
properties which include: ultimate tensile strength, elongation percentage, modulus
of elasticity, bending modulus, flexural strength, max. shear stress, impact strength
and fracture toughness were studied.
Statistical and mathematical analyses were used to the processing of the
experimental data. Mathematical models were done which show the mechanical
properties of composite materials as a function of particles size and volume
The results had revealed that the values of modulus of elasticity, elongation
percentage, tensile strength, bending modulus and max. shear stress increase with
the addition of SiO2 particles and with the increase of the volume fraction of them
and its reach the maximum value at (12% vol.) and (25 mm) particles size. The
values of fracture toughness and impact energy decrease with increase of volume
fraction. Silica particles with small particles size improved these properties more
than that of large particles size.

Effect of Crude Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow on Pump Performance

Banipal N. Yaqob; Ihsan F. Abbas

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2009, Volume 27, Issue 9, Pages 1766-1774

An experimental study of pump performance (i.e. head, discharge, power, etc.) was achieved by using a centrifugal pump with crude oil-water two-phase flow. The crude oil used was from Sherao oil field in Kirkuk (Iraq) with a density of 838 kg/m3, dynamic viscosity of 6.0 cP and surface tension of 0.027 N/m at a temperature of 25oC. A centrifugal pump was used with straight impeller and one suction line and one
discharge line. The results show that the pump head and the discharge of two-phase flow decrease as oil volume fraction increased, and the power of the pump increase as oil volume fraction increased