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Keywords : Iron Oxide

The Structural and Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline Fe3O4 Thin Films Prepared by PLD

Khalid A. Abdulkareem; Suad Kadhim; Shams B. Ali

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2022, Volume 40, Issue 2, Pages 334-342
DOI: 10.30684/etj.v40i2.2235

In this study, thin films of pure iron oxide (Fe3O4) were prepared using pulsed
laser deposition technique under vacuum (2×10-3 mbar) using Nd: YAG laser at
different laser energies (700, 800, 900, and 1000 mJ) on quartz slides at the
substrate temperature of 200 °C with different thickness (170,190, 220, and 250
nm). The prepared thin films were examined using different techniques. The Xray diffraction showed a polycrystalline structure of cubic Fe3O4 phase, enhanced
its crystallinity, and increased the crystalline size when increasing the laser energy
to 1000 mJ. The results revealed that high transparency samples decreased pulse
laser energy. As the laser pulse power increases, the transparency decreases from
91% to 61%, where optical properties deteriorate significantly. The bandgap
values were detected to be 3.9 eV, 3.75 eV, 3.21 eV, and 3 eV when the laser
energies were increased with thickness (170– 250) nm. In addition, the extinction
coefficient, dielectric constants, optical constants, and refractive constants were

Study of the Diffusion Coefficient and Hardness for a Composite Material when Immersed in Different Solutions Polymer

S.H. Aleabi; H.G. Attiya; A.W. Watan

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2017, Volume 35, Issue Issue 1C, Pages 191-196
DOI: 10.30684/etj.35.1C.16

In this research, a hybrid composite material was prepared of epoxy as a matrix, and reinforced by iron (Fe) powder and iron oxide (Fe2O3) powder with a weight fraction 30%.
The composite material was prepared by the Iay-up method .It was studied may tests involves absorption test to find diffusion coefficient for the composite material after the immersion it in sometime specific time (3) weeks in different chemical solution as (H2O,HNO3,NaOH) concentration (0.1N) and the hardness test measure before and after immersion .
When increase the immersion time and the result showed the high diffusion in the water (0.839) and (0.288) in the solution (HNO3) and (0.237) in the solution of (NaOH).