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Keywords : Cost

A Proposed Genetic Algorithm for Multicast Routing

Muna Mohammed Al-Nayar; Abdul Kareem Mahmod Shukri

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2010, Volume 28, Issue 15, Pages 4992-4999

Many Internet applications (such as video conferences) are one-to-many
or many-to-many, where one or multiple sources are sending to multiple receivers. These applications need certain Quality of Services to be guaranteed in underlying network. This paper presents a genetic multicast routing algorithm which finds the low-cost multicasting tree from a designated source to multiple destinations with Quality of Service (QoS) (i.e., bandwidth and end-to-end delay) constraints.
Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm finds the minimum-cost multicast routing tree while satisfying QoS constraints and could finally converge to the global optimal solution for a large-scale network.

Routing Optimization of Mobile Network System

Thamir Rashed; Emad Shehab; Dalia Kamal

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2009, Volume 27, Issue 8, Pages 1497-1507

To send the packets from source to destination node on optimum route in mobile network,
the router must find the path with minimum cost. If intermediate node has fialed, the routing
table will be updated and the path should be changed depending on this failure.
In traditional protocols, the packet is sent on the path with minimum number of hops and
this path is not always optimum, therefore the router selects the path depending on
computing cost for each link and send the packets on path with minimum consumption
energy, maximum capacity or minimum delay. If there is failure node in the path or no,
computing the optimum path in minimum cost is more suitable and efficient than the path
with minimum number of hops. Dijkastra's algorithm is used to find optimum path and
depending on this algorithm, routing table will be built.