Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : pollutant gases

Study of ZnO, SnO2 and Compounds ZTO Structures Synthesized for Gas-Detection

Farhad M. Othman; Alaa A. Abdul-Hamead; Alaa S. Taeeh

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2015, Volume 33, Issue 6, Pages 1328-1340

Semiconductor-based metal oxide gas detector of five mixed Z:S from zinc chloride salt (0,25,50,75,100%) ratios with tin chloride salt, were fabricated on glass substrate by a spray pyrolysis technique with thickness were about ( 0.2 ±0.05 µm) using water soluble as precursors at a substrate temperature 500 Cº±5, 0.05 M ,and their gas sensing properties toward (CO2 , NO2 and SO2 gas at different concentration (10,100,1000 ppm) in air were investigated at room temperature which related with the petroleum industry.
Furthermore structural and morphology properties was inspecting. Experimental results show that the mixing ratio affect the composition of formative oxides (ZnO,Zn2SnO4,Zn2SnO4+ZnSnO3,ZnSnO3, SnO2) ratios mentioned in the above respectively, and related with the sensitivity of the tested oxidation gases.

Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO Gas Sensor

Alaa A. Abdul-Hamead; Farhad M. Osman; Alaa S. Taeeh

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2014, Volume 32, Issue 9, Pages 2303-2312

In this paper thin films of zinc oxide ZnO was prepared by spray pyrolyess method with thickness were about ( 0.1 ±0.05 µm) on n-type silicon substrates at different deposition temperature (300,400,500) C°, from zinc chloride at concentrations (0.05,0.1) M as a sensor for pollutant gases like CO2 , NO2, and H2S related with oil manufacture .
The crystallinity and morphology of the films were characterized by XRD, and optical microscopy was done on prepared films , addition to sensitivity to polluting gases previously mentioned at different test temperature (10-50) C°.
Result shows that the crystallization increased by increasing deposition temperature(substrate temperature), and the sensitivity increased by rising both of the gas concentration or temperature.