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Keywords : Sustainable Development

A Framework to Embed Sustainability Concepts into the Design Processof Construction Projects in Iraq

Zeyad S. M. Khaled; Afrah M. H.Kashkool; Azhar M. Mohammed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 13, Pages 2566-2584

Unfortunately, sustainability is overlooked in the Iraqi design practice of construction projects. This is clear for it has led to the prevailing unsustainable built environment in Iraq. There is a great lack of attention paid to the environmental, economic and socialimpactsassessment,life-cycle assessment (LCA) and life-cycle cost assessment (LCCA) for the complete projects, components or materials used. The aim of this research is to build a framework to embed sustainability concepts into current design work phasesin Iraq based on (LEED) criteria for green building. The framework suggested in this research was subjected to evaluation by Iraqi consultants at three major engineering consultancy firms. Results of the importance (impact on performance)and applicabilityof the suggested frameworkshowed that it is highly reliablewith high Cronbach's Alpha values.This sustainable design frameworkis expected to be useful for the Iraqi Construction Sectorin enabling the utilization of greenbuildingcriteria in the design process.

Using mobile to send an Environmental Report to the environmental database

Nahla F. Alwan

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 787-796

The purpose of this research to create an application on Mobile allows volunteers and official staff sends information about various environmental problems suffered by the Iraqi individual in his environment and sends it to the relevant environmental authorities for the purpose of storage and archiving electronically with the ability to display this data and retrieved and modified or deleted. The application is a client - server system and the application development for mobile device is Android Studio while environmental database created on the local host xampp server with web php pages to view reports and search or by using the Capabilities of the local host xampp server itself. Use the application allows the participation of the largest number of volunteers and environmental staff and notification directly about the problems and environmental damage at low cost, and improve the interaction between society and environmental authorities and to increase environmental awareness and improve the popular environmental control and provide the possibility of environmental remediation faster and achieve a something of Sustainable development social and environmental dimensions .

Environmental Management as an Entry Point to Achieve Sustainable Development with Reference to Reality Sustainable Development in Iraq

Amera khalaf Lftah

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 117-130

Led industrial activity and technological development in the countries of the world in recent years to the emergence of negative effects on the environment where the right of seriously polluting the natural and urban environmental components impact on natural systems and human health as well as the depletion of resource consumption is rational to her, leading to the depletion of non-renewable resources and influence the growth rate of renewable resources. EMS is one of the most important systems that are reliable in order to achieve reduction of environmental pollution targets and improve internal and external environment of the institutions. This system is based on a set of practices and tools include environmental impact and environmental risk assessment and management, pollution prevention and cleaner production consecration, and planning for emergency response, and environmental review. Cleaner production method is based like other preventive strategies, to the exclusion of pollution before it occurs. And it is a sure guarantee for the institutions to compete locally and globally, an option which ensures environmental bodies with the competent authorities on adoption in order to achieve green development (sustainable development) reduce loss and waste of natural resources and of energy, as a mechanism of sustainable development mechanisms. So consisted research the problem (the existence of environmental problems rather than on a specific place, but overtaken, to become a contemporary global problems, particularly when the exploitation of natural resources and unusually familiar, and without any consideration of what results from the act Alabama crowbar at the core of the ecological balance. The research aims to clarify the concept of environmental management (environmental management and its importance and its relationship to development). Identify the environmental situation in Iraq through the presentation of the most important environmental problems and sources of environmental pollution, causes, effects and various implications. Propose recommendations to improve the application of the proper environmental management system. The importance of searching through the occupied importance of environmental management, both in being a mainstay of economic activity in the conservation of natural resources and the rationalization of consumption, and in being responsive to the needs of sustainable development, and its ability to maintain the environmental elements of the system to continue. Study and analysis of the reality of environmental management and to assess its performance, and the disclosure of the difficulties and obstacles that stand in front of their evolution and limit their impact and do.

The Indicators of Sustainable Housing in Local Housing Projects

Safa Al-deen hussain ali; Sajda khadm al kindi

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 4, Pages 131-151

Most of the sustainable design principles work to reduce the cost of housing over the building life cycle (BLC) especially in housing development projects. As the concept emphasizes on the economy in the infrastructure or (basic structure), in the resources used for work, in the housing facilitating and its affordability for users. From here, the research shows its research problem” the absence of a strategic vision of adopting sustainable economic housing indicators in the local housing projects” assuming its effective role in creating economically sustainable housing projects through the needs approving, the quality performance improving and the cost reducing indicators, (or need approval, the quality performance improvement and the cost reduction), highlighting the importance of these indicators on the planning, design, and implementation level in local housing project to achieve an economic sustainable residential environment. In order to achieve the research aim, it has been shaded the light on the basic triple in the housing projects (housing-economic, sustainable) through an analytical review of the global experiences, Arabic and the local housing projects, (environmentally, economically, socially), to define the sustainable economic housing concept, and identify the planning, designing and operation factors & constituents affecting the sustainable economic housing standards. To reach the conclusions that show the indicators effective role in the sustainable economic housing (needs approval-quality performance improvement- and cost reduction), which included many of the secondary indicators that can be derived from the proposed plan and designing standard in Iraqi housing projects (housing density and structure and space housing unit area).

The Challenges of Water Sustainability in Iraq

Abdul Hameed M. Jawad Al Obaidy; Mukdad Al-Khateeb

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 5, Pages 828-840

The sustainable development in Iraq is being hindered by several obstacles. Water, being related to the food security, is a main concern that could duplicate the already present socio-economic dilemmas. Unless practical measures are immediately initiated, the consequences are expected to demolish the development achievements, though so modest, and become a real threat to the lives of the Iraqis within the near future. This paper aims to present a holistic view at the current development challenges and to concentrate on the socio-economic challenges to water sustainability in Iraq. Also, stresses on the need for a comprehensive national plan for the conservation of water and other natural resources and how to reverse the environmental challenges into practical opportunities for sustainable development.