Print ISSN: 1681-6900

Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Transparent CdO thin film

Study on the Effect of Annealing on Structural and SensingProperties of CdO Thin Films for (CO2 ,H2S) Gases

Hayder Mohammed Ajeel; Shatha Shammon Batros; Ashwaq Abdul Hussin Jabor; Karamh Abd Ali

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2012, Volume 30, Issue 19, Pages 3410-3420

Cadmium oxide (CdO) thin films have been deposited by Successive Ionic
Layer Adsorption and Reaction (SILAR) method by using cadmium acetate at
concentration 0.03 M and based solution from ammonium hydroxide on glass
substrate. The structural and sensing properties of the as -deposited and annealed
films are studied in details. The XRD and AFM analysis for its structural
characteristic has been preformed .The average grain size of deposited film are
increased after annealing . The sensing properties also are calculated and it is
found that the sensitivity are increasing after annealing, and for CO2 gas are
better than the sensitivity for H2S gas . The I-V properties are calculated for the
films before and after annealing for the two gases.