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Keywords : chemical bath deposition

Effect of Deposition Temperature and Ph Value on Structure, Optical and Electrical Properties of Cdo Prepared by CBD

Selma M.Hassan Al-Jawad; Hadia Kadhim J.Alogili

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 194-215

In this work CdO films were prepared by using chemical bath deposition, which is a simple and inexpensive technique suitable for large deposition area. Many growth parameters have been considered in this work to specify the optimum condition, namely (deposition temperature, and pH value). Structure and electrical properties of CdO films are investigated and analyzed extensively with respect to growth conditions. The high conductivity and high visible transmission (> 80%) make the films suitable for use in the transparent electrodes.

Effect of Thickness to the Structure Properties of CdO Thin Films

Hadia Kadhim J.Al-Ogili

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2011, Volume 29, Issue 8, Pages 1536-1544

In this paper CdO thin films were prepared by using chemical bath deposition
method. Three different thicknesses of CdO films (84.1nm, 165.1nm, 194.23nm) were
used .x-ray diffraction technique has confirmed the formation of cadmium oxide,
where reveals the changes in films structure with thickness increase. Many structural
properties and constants have been studied and calculated by using the formation from
XRD patterns and ASTM chart such as grain size, FWHM, integral breadth, shape
factor, texture coefficient, and number of layers .These structural constants were
plotted as a function of the films thicknesses. The results indicate that the high grain
size (21.557nm) which was calculated for crystalline plane (111) was corresponding to
the high film thickness (194.23nm), while larger number of layer obtained for the film
thickness 165.2nm.

One Parameter Composite Semigroups of Linear Bounded Operators in Strong Operator Topology of Schatten Class Cp

Samir Kasim Hassan; Al-Taie M; Al-Malki Anam; Al-Attar Abeer; Mustafa Khaleel Ismael; Fatema Ahmed Sadeq; Radhi A .Zboon; Jehad R.Kider; Samir K .Hassan; Hussain J. M. Alalkawi; Raad H. Majid; Rawaa A. Alomairy; Luma Abdul Ghani Zghair; Hadia Kadhim J.Al-Ogili; Assifa M. Mohamad; Abbas Sheyaa Alwan; Haider L. Aneed; Assim H Yousif; Salema Sultan Salman; Abbas Hussien Miry; Abduladhem A.Ali; Mohammed Zeki Al-Faiz; Sabah N. mahmood; Khansaa Dawood Selman; Shaymaa Tareq Kadhim

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2011, Volume 29, Issue 8, Pages 1463-1470

For semigroups of linear bounded operators on Hilbert spaces, the problem of
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