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Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : planning

Effect of Information and Communication Technology In The Local Engineering Project Management

Safaa Aldeen Husain Ali; Nabil M.Salih M.Kadhim

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2014, Volume 32, Issue 8, Pages 257-274

Although many of the proposals and studies that dealt with software and planning of engineering projects, varied from each other in the nature of subject discussion, but they have lacked the integrated theoretical frameworks about the subject. Therefore, the research problem is "lack of studies that determine the computer software and information and communication technology which help in raising the efficiency of performance in engineering project management in the design and executive stages." The research aims to identify the software and the level of information and communications technology which is used in the engineering consulting organizations. The theoretical framework has been determined in order to achieve the research objective, it includes the planning stages and its characteristics and elements of the project plan and identify the software and information technology used in professional practice, and conduct a practical study through a questionnaire for local engineering consulting organizations, then analyzing the practical study, discussed the results and give conclusions.

Spatial Multi-Criteria Assessment to Select Optimum Route To Improve Transportation Network in Al-Omarah City

Maha O. Al-Mumaiz

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2012, Volume 30, Issue 8, Pages 1351-1361

The present study is focusing on development the accessibility of (Baghdad- Basrah) highway through choosing a new route for segment near Omarah city center, in addition to improve the level of service of city center network through removing the (Baghdad-Basrah) traffic from the center. To select the optimum route the Geographical Information System (GIS) with Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) is used. The segment mentioned above is choosed due to the data availability required as an input for program, represented by control points coordinates, land use, and the existing ground elevation [Digital Elevation Model (DEM)].
As a result of this study the based model to suggest optimum route serving transportation movement and reducing congestion in AL-Omarah city is produced according to required criteria. So the obtained route is started and ended on the origin point of an approximate coordinate of (E695932, N3530317) and the destination point of an approximate coordinate of (E702400, N 3519760) receptively, with about 13 Km length. The main Importance of new route is not passing through city center which reduce the congestion, raising the level of service of center network, reducing the pavement deterioration due to remove the
heavy vehicle from passing though the center and finally the new route is shorter than the existing one which in turn reduce the travel time, cost, pollution and noise.