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Online ISSN: 2412-0758

Keywords : Segmentation

A Modified Back Propagation Algorithm for Assyrian Optical Character Recognition Based on Moments

Luma Fayeq Jalil; Modhar Mohsen Mohammed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 2, Pages 255-268

Character recognition has been very popular and interested area for researches, and it continues to be a challenging and impressive research topic due to its diverse applicable environment. The optical character recognition has been introduced as a fast and accurate method to convert both existing text images as well as large archives of existing paper documents to editable digital text format.
However, existing optical character recognition algorithms suffer from flawed tradeoffs between accuracy and speed, making them less effective and impractical for large and complex documents. This paper describes a suggested method for Assyrian optical character recognition using modified back propagation artificial neural network based on moments. The experimental results show that the proposed method achieves higher recognition accuracy rate in compared with the standard algorithm.

Integration of Swarm Intelligence and Artificial Neural Network for Medical Image Recognition

Hanan A. R. Akkar; Samera Shams Hussain

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 13, Pages 2548-2560

Neural network technology plays an important role in the development of new
medical diagnostic assistance or what is known as “computer aided” that based on
image recognition.Thispaper study the method used integration of back propagation
neural network and Particle Swarm Optimizing (PSO) in parts of recognition the XRay
of lungs for two disease cases (cancer and TB) along with the normal case. The
experiments show that the improvement of algorithms for recognition side has
achieved a good result reached to 88.398% for input image size 1024 pixel and 500
population size. The efficiency and recognition testes for training method was
performed and reported in this paper