The study is intended for geotechnical engineers who deal with the construction of deep foundations using driving piles with the implementation of seismic cross-hole technique to estimate the accompanying increase (or decrease) in soil shear strength. The study concluded that there is a direct relation between the increases in soil undrained shear strength with yield stress ratio and reverse relation with moisture water content and void ratio. The increase in undrained shear strength is observed in the clay soil layer at 3-5 m in depth with low moisture content and void ratio due to the effect of time. While at depth of 1-3 m, the reverse was noticed, this decrease is attributed to the upward displacement of the soil due to shear force from driven pile and then leading to increase the soil moisture content and void ratio. The study also concluded that an increase in undrained shear strength and yield stress ratio causing a decrease in void ratio and moisture content due to the effect of aging factor. The present results have provided good overall views of the shear strength increases and their distributions and the estimated values are also of the right sizes.