Atrajectory tracking controller based on integral control technique for the wheeled differential mobile robot using the kinematic model is proposed in this paper. The proposed controller design is achieved by using the nonlinear kinematics model of the mobile robot which is being transformed to a nonlinear error model by shifting its states to the origin and by adding a dummy integral control state variables that are augmented with the nonlinear error model, the model became ready to be used to design a controller. The nonlinear controller which will enforce the system dynamics to follow the desired trajectory guarantee that the steering control system of the mobile robot will behave as a second order reference model with specified natural frequency and damping ratio is being selected by the designer, and the average speed control system will behave as a first order reference model with specified time constant chosen by the designer. The simulation results which is achieved by using MATLAB Rev. (14.9 2009b) show the potential of the proposed controller to track the mobile robot to the desired trajectory with very slight error.