The design and implementations of a mobile target tracking system using field-programmable gate array (FPGA) are presented in this work. The idea of variable dimension (VD) filter which is used for tracking the nonmaneuver and maneuvering target is simplified and demonstrated by the FPGA implementations.
In general, the VD filter consist of two different Kalman filter dimensions and the fading memory detection scheme. In this tracking algorithm, the first Kalman filter is operates in its normal mode in the absence of any maneuvers, at same time, from the property of the innovation sequence and state estimates of this filter, the fading memory detector switch is used to determine that a maneuver is occurring, once a maneuver is detected the second augmented Kalman filter which uses a different state model is used to track the target in maneuvering motion course.
In this paper, the single Kalman filter is used to replace the second augmented filter of the VD algorithm, in this case when the maneuver is occur, the single filter is used in parallel with the first Kalman filter to track the target in maneuvering motion course without modifying the operation of the first Kalman filter. This step will simplified and reduce the calculation of the VD filter.The implementation for this system using FPGA will discuss in details, it will resulted to implement a low cost and mobile tracking system with high flexibility. Many of the general results presented in this paper are also useful for performance evaluation of this simplified variable dimension (SVD) filter algorithm as a compared with the VD filter algorithm.