The present investigation aims to increase the wear resistance for steel CK50 by using Hard Chromium electro plating process. The wear behavior of the specimen was investigated using pin-on-disk where the samples sliding against a steel disk under fixed conditions. The experiments designed according to Taguchi method several experiments have been carried based on an orthogonal array L9 with three parameters (time, current and temperature) at three levels (low, medium and high).The result of research based on the signal to noise ratio (S/R) depending on the condition smaller is the better approach, where the best optimal coating parameters have been arrived at (t2, A2, Temp1) i.e. time 20min, current 30 A/dcm2 and temperature 45 C° from the maximum values of average (S/N). Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is applied to find out the significance and percentage contribution of each parameter. It has been observed that temperature has maximum contribution on Cr - coating process.