Slope stability analysis is a common analytical tool to assess the factor of safety (FOS) of natural and man-made slopes i.e. embankment. In geotechnical engineering, different methods were used to determine the factor of safety (FOS) of slopes such as traditional or programming methods. Numerical methods using Geo-Studio software (Slope/W) is suitable one, in assessing the stability of slopes under different conditions.
The aim of this study is to analyze the slope stability for the suggested residential project in Hay-AL-Araby / Mosul, with the application of some suggested remedial solutions. GeoStudio2007 software program was used to compute the minimum FOS values, also probabilistic and reliability indexes were studied. The FOS for both natural and corrective with and without seismic cases has been determined using Morganstern-Price, Bishop, Janbu, and ordinary methods. Several methods for remedial of the slopes to increase the FOS have been proposed in the analysis were studied.
The results showed that there are significant differences in the values of minimum FOS of natural slope between dry and wet conditions which varied between (3.348-3.68) and (1.838-2.326) respectively. Also, nailing and pile remedial methods were found to be effective for the dry and wet conditions respectively with minimum FOS=1.111 and 1.137. As well, the application of seismic loading showed that the natural slope would be at risk with minimum FOS equal to 1.826, and 1.006 respectively for both dry and wet cases. Finally, the deterministic and probabilistic analysis of natural and remedial slopes is in the ranges (8.443 to 1.428) for dry and (9.688 to 0.570) for wet conditions.