The multiple access techniques based on chaotic signals suffer from high co-channel interference due to pseudo-orthogonal nature of chaotic signals. In this paper, an efficient chaotic multiple access communication system based on Orthogonal Chaotic Vector (OCV) generated from Lu system has been proposed. To measure the effectiveness of the proposed system, its performance has been compared with code division multiple access system (CDMA) based on Walsh-Hadamard sequence which has perfect orthogonality. The simulation results showed that the proposed scheme successfully separate the messages of each user and its performance is almost the same regardless of the number of users in AWGN channel. Furthermore, the results also showed that for four users and at bit-error-rate of 10-3, the proposed system has achieved gains of 5 dB and 8 dB in signal-to-noise ratio over traditional CDMA system in AWGN and Rayleigh fading channels respectively. The simulation results obtained have confirmed the theoretical analysis derived for the proposed system.