The research study the effect of economic growth rate in Iraq at the rate of traffic growth and the need to create intersections with multiple levels in the city of Diwaniya –Iraq .The study included an economic analysis to establish bridge intersections with multiple levels by using type of investment Build, Operate and Transfer ( B.O.T ) and the calculate present worth value and internal rate of return for the project and thus determine the ideal investment period to achieve the ideal of cooperation between national institution and in contracts sector and construction jobs . The study showed high economic growth rate in Iraq include Diwaniya city for 2006- 2011 . It is between(2.4%-9.9%) that impacted extrusive on the growth rate of traffic and doubling the number of vehicles in Diwaniya city more than 200% , Traffic jams have become an issue requiring quick solution in front of real deficit in the financial allocation that earmarked for reconstruction in Diwaniya city such us intersections to create multiple levels .