This work is concerned to study effect of addition the cadmium and nickel on mechanical properties of Al-Zn-Mg alloy. Three alloys were prepared with addition cadmium and nickel (0.5%wt) for each one alloy and added the nickel and cadmium in form combined of percentage (1%wt), as well as to base alloy. The alloys were prepared by melting and pouring in metallic mold. Many inspection and tests have been done such as microstructure, hardness , tensile test and wear test. The results show that addition of cadmium and nickel improved the mechanical properties of Al-Zn-Mg alloy, where they increase the hardness ( from58.4 to 86.92 kgmm2), tensile strength (from 87 to 107 Mpa) ,yield strength(from 32 to54 Mpa), and decrease the wear rate(from28 to 15.6x10-7gcm) and ductility (from 12 to 8.5%) and microstructure refined .Effect of nickel was more than cadmium, while the addition of nickel and cadmium together improved on improvement the mechanical properties more in comparison with the others alloy.