This study was designed to assess farmers' knowledge level regarding practices of sustainable agriculture development in Baghdad Governorate. Comparing between fields which they were as: water security, production inputs provision, environment protection, soil surface protection. Present study was conducted in Abu-Ghraib & Mahmudiya division, sample size defined as 133 respondents farmers from six selected villages were interviewed for information by questioner consist of sixteen test paragraph . Findings reveal that farmers possesses highest knowledge level of the paragraph “drip irrigation technology save more water as compared to other method of irrigation”. at rates 4.70 ± 0.4 whereas they had least knowledge about of two paragraph " protection wildlife" and " production of Alsailj& Hay as feed of animals." at rates 0.5, 0.5 ± 0.09 ± 0.03 respectively . While farmers possesses highest knowledge level of field Water security at rate 2.98 whereas they had the least knowledge field Protection of the environment at rates 1.30 ,our recommendation is to build programs to meet the needs of sustainable agriculture development practices knowledge of framers and giving farmers the opportunity to participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation.