This study was carried out during (2012-2013) on the water network of "Al-Muqdadiah"City and the water intake from"Mahroot"River, because this study believes of field work and investigation of microbial contamination and chemical pollution. Some important parameters in `HZour study: Electric Conductivity (EC), Total Dissolve Solids (TDS),Hydrogen Potential (pH), Total Hardness (TH), Chloride (Cl),Magnesium (Mg),Calcium (Ca), Lead (Pb), Chrome (Cr),Cadmium (Cd), Most Probable Number (MPN),Were selected and examined to measure and evaluate the levels of parameters of microbial contamination and chemical pollution.The results indicated no evidence of microbial contamination in net and treated water in the plant except the water intake from the river. Negative result of cadmium and positive of Lead and variation of chrome levels. However the result showed increasing of total hardness, total dissolve salts, electric conductivity, with normal values for chloride and pH.