This study included acute and chronic effects for cypermethrin pesticide in Cyprinus carpio . Eight concentration between 0.005 and 0.0007 mg/L was used in the acute exposure for 24 to 96 hours to determination of median lethal concentration ( LC50 ),lethal concentration for the complete number ( LC100 ), non lethal concentratin ( LC0 ) and Safety concentration (SC ), also behavioral changes was used as a standard of those effects. Whereas two concentration 0.0007 and 0.0008 mg/L were used in the chronic exposure for 60 days , through it clinical signs (behavioral , weight and histological changes ) and histopathological changes were used as a standard to observed these effects through the study period. The value of LC50 for carp fish were 0.0025 , 0.00231 , 0.00214 , 0.00212 mg/L for 24, 48, 72, 96 hrs respectively. of exposure to cypermethrin pesticide concentrations respectively . The LC100 values for 24 hrs. of exposure were 0.005 mg/L while LC0 values for 24 hrs. of exposure were 0.0008 mg/L .The safety concentration values were 0.000231, 0.0003465 mg/L . Behavioral changes were recorded more effects in high concentrations than it in low concentrations . The chronic exposure showed no any behavioral changes was recorded except on the fifth days at 0.0007 mg concentration . Moreover the growth was reduction in each of the concentrations that used and show more effect at the second concentration . Histopathological changes were showed clearly at some carp members such as : liver , kidney , intestines, spleen and muscle that exposed to a pesticide at 0.0008 mg/L concentration only .