The Hospital and the Institute for Radiation and Nuclear Medicine is one of the specialized hospitals within Baghdad city, with 165 beds and up to 213 staff work, located in an abundance of health centers area and transportation links. The current study concentrated on the most important means that followed by the hospital administration in the solid medical waste disposal that generated within the various facilities of the health center, by design information form for this purpose, included 28 questions about the manage and handling of solid waste inside the hospital. It also contained the information that was provided to us by the administrative department at the hospital. Through study, which found a weakness in separating, labeling and documentation in the solid medical waste system, hazardous solid waste volume reached 10.6%, while the domestic solid waste amount 89.44%, depending on cleaners and unskilled workers in the collection, sorting, transport and treatment of hazardous medical waste with lack of a dedicated staff to manage this process , burning temperature does not reach more than 550 degrees, causing gases emission have serious problem on health and the environment.