The study comprised to use treated wastewater of each of Rustumiy sewage water and Baghdad company for soft drinks in irrigation and its effect in Jatropha germination plant in desert soil .
five treatments by wastewater have been considered : the first one is control treatment (river water), second and third treatments irrigated by Baghdad company of soft drinks ,and the fourth and fifth treatments irrigated by 50%,100% percent of Rustumiy sewage water station .Each treatment continued for 180 days . Randomized Block Design with five repeation for each of them have been applied .
The result indicated increases in length and diameter of Jatropha plant for each waste water treatment in comparison with control treatment. 50% of each treatment caused increase in plant growth comparison ,the treatment of 100%, Also the results indicated increase in growth plants irrigated by Rustumiy sewage water in comparison with plant irrigated by Baghdad company for soft drinks , Also The results indicated an increased in electric conductivity in extract soil paste after adding the high level waste water in comparison with low level wastewater. Baghdad company for soft drinks wastewater showed little increase in soil pH when 100% treatment was used in comparison with control treatment while soil PH was near to balance state when Rustumiy sewage water was used. The result showed a significant increase in micro nutrients content ( which include Fe , Mn , Zn , Cu , Cd , Pb ) in soil and plant for all treatment compared with the control treatment . this increased was continues with the increase of additional level of wastewater . However all the micro nutrient were within the allowed natural limits and not reached the toxic limits in soil and plant .