This research was carried out to manufacture porous refractories bricks from locally raw materials (Porcelanite to Dwaikhla Kaolinite clays). The raw materials were tested by Chemical analysis and XRD to find their suitability to produce light weight ceramic refractories. Different percentages of kaolinite were added as binder to Porcelanite (raw materials). The specimens were pressed to dimensions (30×30) mm according to DIN51053 standards using semi-dry method at pressure of (24.5) MPa. After shaped process all specimens left to dry in air for (24hr) then dried at 110°C using electric oven and the specimens were fired at (1200, 1300 and 1400) °C. The fired specimens were tested to determine their physical and thermal properties including bulk density, porosity, water absorption ,specific gravity and thermal conductivity. It also, was observed that the results were within international standards, and local porcelanite and kaolinite could be used as source raw materials for manufacture light weight refractories.