Controlling the flow of (information /materials) inside job-shop involves several decisions such as the acceptance or rejection orders, the orders due date definition, releasing and dispatching of job. In this research the actual production system control in Heavy Engineering Equipment State Company (H.E.E.S.Co.) is followed and monitored throughout one year. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanks detailed processing and assembly investigated as a case study. The deviation of tanks assembly processes is about 53% from the schedule time. . Therefore, questionnaire sheet is performed including stuff of (164). Overall information flow in the company for most respondents is fair to bad (80%). communication matrices revealed that information exchange is random and inflexible through the whole production control. Gaps in communication and lack in (Computer – Computer) information exchange leading to bad communication throw the whole shop floor activities. Also results declare shop floor control in (H.E.E.S.Co.) company is offline (paper–based) and no documentation orders , that are employed by direct communications.