This paper represents an experimental program on the behavior of SCC columns under fire. The research includes testing reinforced SCC columns subjected to various loading levels and heating rates. Nine columns were tested under concentric and eccentric loading and two burning rates (400 and 700oC) for 1.5 hour period of exposure at 60 days age. The paper represents the main results including the residual ultimate load carrying capacity, maximum crack width, axial deformation, crack pattern, the measured concrete and steel temperatures and axial displacements. It was found that the predicted load carrying capacity of SCC columns by the three codes which are (ACI-318/08, BS-8110/97 and Canadian/84), was unstable after burning except for the BS Code equation which was able to predict load capacity after exposing to high fire temperature levels. Valuable conclusions on the effect of loads and heating on concrete explosive spalling are shown in the paper.