The influence ofmagnesia (MgO) content at different sintering temperatures on the physical and dielectric properties of synthesized electrical porcelain was investigatied.Feldspar is one of the major components of porcelain,since feldspar is not available in Iraq, so it was synthesized from Iraqi raw materials.MgO was progressively added in the range (2-30 wt. %) into electrical porcelain. The composed bodies were sintered at temperature in the range(1200-1350 C),Physical properties such bulk density, open porosity beside the Vickers microhardness and dielectric properties such as dielectric constant, loss tangent and dielectric loss factor were measured. The improvement of these properties could associate with an increasing of MgOadditive and sintering temperatures. Bulk density, microhardness and dielectric constant are increased with the increasing of MgO content and sintering temperatures. The results reveal that the highest value of density at 30wt. %MgO and at 1350 C for density, hardness and dielectric constant, while it has the lowest value for porosity and loss tangent.