Degassing technique currently applied to cast aluminum alloys due to its technological and economic advantages. The present work aimed to study the effect of degassing technique of cast aluminum alloy (LM2) under different pressures using squeeze casting process. Inert argon gas was pumped into the molten aluminum with flow rate (2,5-5-7)l/min. at constant pumped duration (5min.). Different applied pressures were used(17, 35, 52) MPa. The test was performed at room temperature. The physical and mechanical properties of degassed samples were measured and compared with non-degassing (ND) samples. The results showed that the best condition of degassing is found at 2.5 l/min flow rate and 35 MPa applied pressure. It was found that a slight difference is observed for the density and the lowest value of porosity was obtained at 2.5 l/min flow rate and 52 MPa applied pressure.