Traffic Studies Aim (Traffic analysis) to estimate some of the important indicators to determine the level of service (LOS) at intersections in the cities. That's where the increase in traffic volumes at intersections is one of the main problems that makes the traffic difficult in these intersections and which raises congestion in these areas.
The objective of this research is to evaluate the operational capacity of intersection (AL-Kafa’at) in AL-Kut city and show better proposals to improve the performance in terms of capacity.
To achieve these objectives traffic information has been collected using digital camera to various directions for the purposes of analysis and traffic engineering while HCS traffic program is used for the purposes of traffic analysis process. The operational analysis of the existing conditions of this intersection indicates that the LOS is (F) with an intersection delay value of 105.1 sec. /vehicle .Because of the reasons above, it is important to enhance the performance of AL-Kafa’at Intersection by increasing the number of lanes to the right turn for Alhaidariya Approach. The results indicate that the intersection LOS is hanged to (D) with a cycle time of 91 sec. and an intersection delay of 38.1 sec. /vehicle.